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The weird sex questions you wanted to ask but were afraid to

There are many sex-related questions women by no means discover out the reply to as a result of they’re too embarrassed to increase them. 

Topics like masturbation, ‘sudden noises’ and male companions faking orgasms might be intimidating subjects to talk about, but sex specialists can supply reassuring recommendation. 

In an article for , medical sexologists supply perception into six issues typically dismissed. 

Some 'problems' are in fact non-issues - but you can never know that unless you ask

Some 'problems' are in fact non-issues - but you can never know that unless you ask

Some ‘issues’ are in truth non-issues – but you can by no means know that until you ask

 1. Is it regular that my companion fakes orgasms?


We get so hung up on the diploma to which women pretend orgasms that we might overlook males do it too. This could make their companions really feel involved they’ve completed one thing horribly flawed.

In reality, fairly a lot of males admit to sometimes faking the large ‘O’. 

A 2016 research revealed within the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy discovered 30 per cent of North American males stated they’d faked it at one time or one other.

Clinical sexologist Dr Kat van Kirk informed Women’s Health journal that the issues that trigger males to pretend it are comparable to these of women.

‘It’s an analogous story to women. Ability to orgasm may be affected by alcohol, tiredness, stress and a few treatment,’ she stated.

However, that does not imply the sex wasn’t any good. 

‘With his anticipation and the discharge of bonding hormones like oxytocin, the journey may be simply as intense because the orgasm’, Dr Van Kirk says.

If the issues persists, it might be value having a dialogue and discovering how you can each attain the end line.

2. Is it regular that I choose anal to vaginal sex?


Perhaps surprisingly, women who’ve had some type of anal play say they’ve extra frequent orgasms than those that do not.

This is as a result of that a part of the physique is loaded with delicate nerve endings, in accordance to sexologist Jessica O’Reilly.

‘The space is definitely anatomically configured for mind-blowing orgasms, so if you’ve skilled that, there’s no shock you need to return for extra,’ she says.

‘The super-sensitive nerve endings make it a responsive erogenous zone.’

Actual penetration isn’t crucial for many who are involved about hygiene. 

‘Start off with a small butt plug,’ O’Reilly advises. ‘Or use a vibrator across the entrance to actually up the anal enjoyable ante.’

three. Is it regular that my vagina makes noises?


Sudden noises, typically referred to as ‘fanny farts’, are a traditional, some may say unavoidable, a part of vaginal sex.

Sometimes air is pushed into the vagina throughout sex, says GP Philippa Kaye, and is forcibly pushed out by thrusting or altering place, which causes the sound.

There’s nothing to fear or really feel embarrassed about on this, she provides.

Masturbation, 'weird noises' and male partners faking orgasms all make up our common concerns about sex

Masturbation, 'weird noises' and male partners faking orgasms all make up our common concerns about sex

Masturbation, ‘weird noises’ and male companions faking orgasms all make up our widespread considerations about sex

four. Is it regular that my associate can really feel my coil throughout sex?


There is not any hazard to you or your companion, says Kaye, though in your consolation you can ask your physician to refit it. 

If a associate is complaining that they will really feel the coil. it’s probably the coil was not fitted correctly, she says. 

It can also be that your companion’s penis is especially delicate.

5. Is it regular that I masturbate 5 occasions every week?


Women typically report masturbating much less typically than males – but that does not imply it is unhealthy.

The 2009 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB) from Indiana University discovered solely three per cent of women masturbated greater than 4 occasions every week, for instance. 

The explanation why women do it much less then males (17 per cent of whom reported masturbating the identical) are unknown, but it has been stated to enhance temper and vaginal power.

Regardless, ‘masturbation is a standard sexual apply amongst women,’ Dr. Kelly Suschinsky stated.

‘Women masturbate for quite a lot of causes – to really feel sexual pleasure, deal with stress, assist them go to sleep, or to have a sexual outlet whereas their associate is unavailable. 

‘As lengthy because it’s not inflicting an issue in your relationship or interfering together with your wider life, then simply take pleasure in it.’

6. Is it regular that I am straight but when it comes to porn, I solely get turned on by girl-on-girl?


Research has proven that porn viewing habits usually are not reflective of secret sexual lusts in women.

A research by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health on the University of Toronto discovered that, whereas male arousal matched their sexual orientation, women confirmed little choice between several types of porn.

In different phrase, women were equally aroused by watching heterosexual sex as by female-only sex, no matter their sexuality.

‘In reality, the analysis discovered that each women who were attracted to males and women who were attracted to different women reported that they were most sexually aroused by the movies that confirmed women-only sexual actions,’ the researchers say.


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