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Is Vulvodynia Causing Your Vaginal Pain?

Pain throughout intercourse is not unusual. It can vary from a bothersome twinge that throws off your groove, to a extra intense situation that turn into completely debilitating. If you are coping with below-the-belt discomfort, one cause could be one thing referred to as vulvodynia, a persistent situation that almost  of women within the U.S. endure from sooner or later of their lives, studies the National Vulvodynia Association (NVA).

Vulvodynia usually causes burning, irritation, or ache, and tends to have an effect on women ages 18 to 25. It may cause particular ache—confined to the opening proper across the vagina, and even the —whereas different women expertise a extra generalized aching of the vee-jay. The NVA reviews that many women with the situation say it looks like “having acid poured on my skin” and “feeling a constant knife-like pain.” (Ouch.)

But what’s vulvodynia precisely? “It’s essentially inflammation of the vulva—the opening of your vagina,” says , M.D., director of the feminine sexual drugs program at Stanford University. “That’s an area of the body that has many nerve endings and sometimes those nerve endings don’t fire the right way. What that can lead to for many women is a sort of generalized burning or irritation.”

There’s two totally different classes of the situation, says Millheiser. “It can be either provoked, meaning you touch the area and the pain starts, or it can be unprovoked, which means you could be laying in bed and have this burning pain for no reason.”

Millheiser notes that though vulvodynia is definitely fairly widespread, nobody talks about it, so many women are left in the dead of night about what is going on on with all that ache down there. If you assume you might have vulvodynia, this is what it is advisable to know concerning the situation, and learn how to deal if it is messing together with your woman elements. 

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