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How to Braid African Hair with Extensions?

The wonderful thing about extensions is that they provide you superb density and unimaginable size, in addition to look utterly pure so you are able to do something you’d with your pure locks. That additionally consists of braiding. So if you would like to braid your , there are lots of methods by which you are able to do that and obtain nice seems! Not solely are you able to braid hair with extensions, however also can braid the extensions into your strands which is a superb technique of putting in them.

There are many various braiding methods that permit you to seamless connect extensions of various lengths and types. When finished correctly, all of them look utterly pure and are protected in your locks.

How to Braid Extensions into Your Natural Hair?

First, let’s check out a good way of putting in extensions on African hair by braiding. It is among the most straightforward methods do it and it’s carried out very quickly.

  1. You will want single items of extensions that you’ll braid into a daily cornrow.
  2. Start on one aspect of the hair and part off the primary piece.
  3. Take one extension strand, fold it in half and place the fold on the pure strand.
  4. Start doing the primary cornrow and don’t pull on the hair, simply gently fold it. So you’re principally working with one strand of actual hair and two strands of the extensions.
  5. If you want to, you may as well add one other piece of the extensions additional down the cornrow and proceed braiding.
  6. Continue down to the top of the hair and hold your braid constant, not too tight and never too unfastened.
  7. Repeat these steps for all the cornrow braids and that’s it!

How to Do Protective Style Box Braids with Extensions?

How to Do Protective Style Box Braids with Extensions?You can even use field braids so as to braid your extensions in. They look superb and in addition shield your . It is a superb type that appears even higher as a result of the extensions permit you to make them actually lengthy and funky. Here’s the way you do it, it’s actually easy:

  1. You can begin by washing your pure strands and making use of some pure oil after it’s dry.
  2. Section off one layer of hair on the backside, simply above your neck and separate it into three smaller items.
  3. Now take one strand of the extensions and separate it into two items. One ought to be smaller than the opposite, about 1/three, whereas the opposite is 2/three. Find the center of each and loop the smaller strand across the greater one and join it collectively into one regular sized strand. So now you could have three strands of the extensions.
  4. Place the three strands of the extensions on the basis of your pure hair that you’ve sectioned off and begin braiding.
  5. Take one aspect and go beneath the center part, do the identical the other method, and repeat that course of. So principally you’re going from left to proper, beneath your center piece and also you’re grabbing from aspect to aspect.
  6. Continue down till you end the primary field braid after which repeat the method for every braid.
  7. As you go up in layers, the variety of braids will improve. So on the very backside, you began with three, on the layer above you’ll be able to have 5 or 6 and so forth.
  8. When you’re all achieved, be sure to moisturize your braids and that’s it!

How to Do a Kinky Twist with Extensions?

How to Do a Kinky Twist with Extensions?For this, you’ll need to purchase kinky extensions that you’ll braid alongside your pure strands.

  1. Wash your hair first and brush it so as to take away any knots.
  2. Decide the place you need to begin your first kinky twist and part off a small strand of hair. Now separate that into two smaller items.
  3. Take one kinky extensions piece and fold it in half. Place it within the middle of two strands and twist the strands and the extensions tightly.
  4. Overlap the 2 new twisted strands and do it time and again.
  5. Finish by tying a knot on the finish.
  6. Repeat these steps for every kinky twist.

If you’re nonetheless not sure how to do any of those braided appears, you possibly can ask a good friend to assist you to or get your hair stylist to do it for you. It is essential that each one of those are achieved proper so as to look good.

How to Care for Your Braided Extensions?

You want to keep your braids so as to keep away from any frizz and hold them wanting superb. Follow this easy ideas and tips for beautiful braids:

  1. When washing your braids, apply some shampoo in your roots and use the tip of your fingers to scrub. It is simpler in the event you do it one row at a time and ensure you’re very mild whereas doing it. You can use a sprig bottle with some water and shampoo in it and easily spray it. There is not any want to apply the shampoo on the underside of your braids. Rinse the shampoo completely.
  2. You additionally need to situation your braids. Apply a leave-in conditioner throughout your braids and watch for a ten to fifteen minutes earlier than washing it out. While rinsing, flippantly rub your scalp. Remove extra water by squeezing your braids as a result of that may make it simpler to dry. Also use a dry towel to gently squeeze the braids.
  3. You may also use some merchandise on the moist hair, like pure oils or frizz removers.
  4. It can be ultimate if in case you have the time to let the braids dry naturally, however when you do use a blow dryer, apply it to a cool setting.
  5. When sleeping with your , it is suggested that you simply tie a shawl round your head to hold the braids from shifting an excessive amount of when you sleep.

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