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Emily Skye Shares Pregnant Photo| Women’s Health

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Emily additionally penned her considerations about giving delivery, and her expertise coping with . “I always try to be positive, yet realistic and honest with you and sometimes I doubt myself and my capabilities,” she wrote. Emily then shared a few of the constructive affirmations she repeats to herself when she’s experiencing destructive ideas, together with “I am strong and capable—I was made for this,” and “I trust my body and look forward to seeing what I’m truly capable of.” (, they’re identical to us!)


Emily thanked her followers for his or her help and recommendation all through her and stated that she’s excited to share the method of getting again into her health routine as soon as she’s prepared. And she echoed the sentiment each pregnant lady should assume in the course of the being pregnant: “How incredible is the human body!! I’m so blown away by what it can do!” 

Check out Emily Skye’s go-to no-equipment exercise:

This wasn’t the one time Emily shared her sentimental messages about motherhood. Here are few extra:

When she shared how she offers with nerves:

“I’m getting really excited now and a little anxious but I’m staying positive and focusing on meeting my baby so it overpowers my nerves. I can do this,” Emily wrote, “As I always say, we’re so much stronger than we think we are!”



When she shared recommendation and the cutest pet exercise:

“Remember every pregnancy is different so don’t compare yourself to others, don’t try to do what others are doing, listen to your body and always do what’s best for you,” she wrote when she shared her cute pet video!

When she shared how she offers with a nasty day:

Emily offers with a nasty day by occupied with why she’s grateful. “Nothing can take away the incredible happiness and love I feel with him and our growing baby. Everything is irrelevant and insignificant in comparison to my loved ones—my family and friends. I truly believe that without love I have nothing. This is what I live by every single day,” she stated. “Remind yourself of what’s most important and all the amazing people/things you currently have in your life—you’ll probably realise that there is a LOT to be grateful for that all the sh*tty things become trivial.”

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