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Barb DePree, MD Provides Diabetic Women 6 Tips for a Healthy Sex Life

“Women’s health and sexuality is complex, and is especially so when diabetes is thrown in the mix,” says Barb DePree, MD, Ob/Gyn, Director of the Women’s Midlife Services at Holland Hospital in Michigan and writer of . “It’s vital for diabetic women to understand the extra care required to enjoy a healthy sex life- from diet, to exercise, to the preventative measures that help to balance yeast and bacteria down below.”

Dr. DePree recommends the next six ideas to assist increase sexual satisfaction, keep female health, and promote general wellbeing:

  1. New toys and units improve blood circulate to the clitoris, which is useful as diabetics’ expertise blood vessel modifications that may trigger decreased arousal and sensation. A vibrator may also help with self-pleasure however a private system like warms up a lady’s libido naturally earlier than foreplay to assist get her within the temper. Don’t overlook to make use of a water-based, sugar-free lube like with any toy or gadget.                                                      
  2. Take a vaginal lactobacillus complement each day. A discovered that oral probiotics taken often can resolve most female issues. is a day by day complement that balances yeast and micro organism with two vaginal strains of probiotic lactobacillus (flora), L. rhamnosus GR-1™ and L. reuteri RC-14™.         
  3. Exercise the pelvic flooring with a medical system like which strengthens the pelvic flooring and precipitates orgasm by way of twin vibrators to the clitoris and G-spot. 
  4. pH issues.  Increased blood sugar ranges can elevate the pH of your vagina. When wholesome lactobacilli can not survive, dangerous bacterial progress may cause bacterial vaginosis (BV) and yeast infections. Re-balancing pH to a wholesome vary of three.Eight-Four.5 is feasible with RepHresh gel.  Pregnant women with and an unbalanced vaginal pH usually tend to develop vaginal infections that may trigger untimely start.
  5. Use a sugar-free lube. Popular elements in lubes like glycerin and propylene glycol can elevate vaginal pH and set off yeast infections. Use a silicone-based lube like or simply previous to intercourse to ease penetration, improve intimacy and remove the probabilities of abrasion.
  6. Sex makes for good sleep. For diabetics, getting adequate sleep is particularly necessary. in women, positively impacting REM sleep.  The launch of oxytocin following stimulation and orgasm will increase calmness whereas lowered cortisol ranges scale back stress.  During orgasm, there’s additionally an elevated launch of prolactin to assist women go to sleep quicker; this additionally performs a position in controlling blood sugar. 

“So, remember to keep your blood sugar under control. And, make a visit to the nearest drug store for over-the-counter products that help overcome roadblocks to an active sex life,” provides DePree.


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